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Consumer and Complaint Information

Consumers in need of assistance with an insurance problem or who have general insurance questions may call our Complaints & Information Section at:

Phone: 608-266-3585
Toll-free In Wisconsin: 800-236-8517
Email: ocicomplaints@wisconsin.gov

Contact Us

If you need assistance locating filings please contact the Records Coordinator at ocirecords@wisconsin.gov.
The OCI Central Files public hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7:45 - 11:30 and 12:30-4:15 CST. Appointments must be made before visiting Central Files. The Records Coordinator can best be reached at ocirecords@wisconsin.gov or (608) 264-8110. Directions to the OCI are found at http://oci.wi.gov/dirtooci.htm.

Document Costs

Costs for services or materials obtained from the OCI can be found at http://oci.wi.gov/fees.htm. The OCI prefers that customers use online features rather than requesting printed copies from us. This is one of the main reasons that we have provided direct access to our records via the Internet.

Filing Documents

All filing documents are PDFs, which require a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to view them.
If a link does not open the PDF, simply click the link again or click "Refresh" in your PDF reader.

Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission (IIPRC)

Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission (IIPRC) filings are available by contacting the IIPRC directly at:

444 North Capitol Street, NW
Hall of the States, Suite 701
Washington, DC 20001-1509
Phone: (202) 471-3962
Fax: (816) 460-7476
Email: comments@insurancecompact.org


The following is a list of common terms associated with policy form and rate filings.

  • Approved Date — Date the filing is considered to be approved by OCI. When searching, use the format: MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Category — Lists the general groupings of insurance products available in the marketplace. A category may have one or more sub-categories.
  • Company Name — Name of the insurance company or rate service organization for which the filing was accepted as filed or approved. Only companies with approved/filed submissions are available via this records search tool. Note that if you search for a company and there are other company names associated with the company, rates/forms may be presented where those rates/forms were approved/filed under a different name. The name of the company under which they were approved/filed will be shown in the results list.
  • Deemed Date — Date the filing is considered to be deemed approved by OCI. Format must be MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Documents — Up to three types of documents can be associated with a single filing:
    • Filing document - a complete copy of the filing made with OCI.
    • Summary document - a plain language summary of the rate filing; applicable only to comprehensive health insurance rate filings.
    • Comments - a list of all comments received regarding a particular filing; applicable only to comprehensive health insurance rate filings.
  • Filed Date — Date the filing is considered to be filed with OCI. Format must be MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Filing Type — There are nine choices: Actuarial Certification, Advertisement, Form, Form/Rate, Life Replacement Notice, Rate, Rate/Rule, Rule and Worker's Compensation Dividend.
  • Microfilm References — Filings approved prior to imaging are not available online at this time. For these filings, you will see a Microfilm Number and Frame Number as the result of your online search for records. OCI can furnish you with copies of specific files in their entirety but cannot do extensive content research to find specific information. We advise making an appointment (see Contact Us above) in order for you to research those microfilm records in person.
  • OCI Tracking No. — The number assigned by OCI to a submission. The number shown on the actual submission may not be identical to the OCI Tracking Number.
  • Policy Form Number/Form Number — The number assigned by the company (or agent for Medicare Supplement or Long Term Care Advertisements) to a form or advertisement. It may include numbers and characters.
  • SERFF Tracking Number — The number assigned by the NAIC System for Electronic Rate and Form (SERFF) filings.
  • SIRCON Number — The number assigned by the OCI's system to uniquely identify a filing.
  • Sub-category — A more precise subset of products within a Category.
  • Sub-type of Insurance (Sub-TOI) — Subsets of each Type of Insurance. Information about sub-TOIs is displayed from the Type of Insurance page. See the Type of Insurance list for more information.
  • Type of Insurance (TOI) — Lists the major lines of business commonly referred to as Type of Insurance. A single TOI may have one or more Sub-types of Insurance or sub-TOIs. See the Type of Insurance list for more information.

Search Tips

By default, all search results are sorted most recent date filed to least recent date filed. (The Date Filed is the date the filing was filed/approved by the OCI).

You can sort the search results by other columns as well, including:

  • Tracking number
  • Company name
  • Filing type (form, rate/rule, advertisement, actuarial certification, etc.)
  • SERFF number

For example, to sort the results alphabetically by company starting with the beginning of the set, click the down arrow next to the Company Name column header. See example to the right. To order the results alphabetically in ascending order by Company Name, click the up arrow.